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Thank you for your interest in our educational Host Program. This program is designed to allow your organization the opportunity to have an education program that is customized for your needs. As a host, your organization will be able to set the location, date, instructor and cost of the class.


Host responsibilities include:

-- Arrange and pay for facility and refreshments;

-- Advertising of the course;

--Room set-up (classroom-style unless otherwise agreed), registration table, instructor’s table at front of the room, overhead projector, LCD projector (if available), projection screen, and lavaliere microphone (for groups of 35 or more) if available;

-- Collect and accept registrations with real estate permanent ID numbers and social security numbers (Real Estate ID numbers and last four digits of Social Security numbers required for every course);

-- Forward to PLN a complete name list of all course attendees along with their permanent ID numbers at least three days prior to course;

-- Supervise on-site sign-ins;

-- Distribute certificates of completion to all attendees; and

-- Forward sign-in and evaluation sheets to PLN with the instructor or within three days following course completion.


PLN responsibilities include:

-- Register the class with the Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth (as applicable);

-- Provide all course materials and certificates of completion;

-- Provide the instructor and distribute instructor fees;

-- Forward to the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth a complete list of all attendees including permanent ID number of each (as applicable);

-- Provide a promotional flyer for the course to be reproduced by the host for advertisement (as applicable);

-- Certify attendance with organizations offering designations or credit for the course (as applicable);

-- Summarize class evaluations for instructor and host; and

-- Invoice host after completion of class.


Suggested student fee structure:

Your organization can set the price that it charges students (if any). We suggest that you set the price high enough to cover PLN’s charges and the cost of the facilities. You can also set different prices that allow your organization’s members a discounted price. For example, you can charge your members $50 and nonmembers $60 for Real Estate Continuing Education.


To schedule a class, please call Jacqueline Austin with the following information:

-- The instructor you wish to have teach your class (if there are more than one);

-- A couple of dates you are interested in having the class (the more advance notice you give us, the more likely we can accommodate your first choice); and

-- The name, address, phone number and e-mail address of the contact person for class set-up.


Once a date has been confirmed with your organization and the instructor, we will add your class to our schedule of classes that is sent to real estate licensees and posted on our Web site (you may request that your class not be added to this list if you do not want to advertise the class for people outside your of organization).